Stay away from Locauto Rent

We were a couple of friends going on a vacation to the Garda area. At the airport we picked up a rental car. The queue was long and quite slow. A Turkish guy had allegedly been there for 3 hours without getting his car, but it "only" took us 40 minutes or so, so we didn’t bother too much.

We finally got the keys to the car, as well as the “current status” document. There were two notices of damages. We found the car and immediately found several major damages. We called the inspector over and showed him the quite big damages, which he, a bit reluctantly, wrote down, and off we went to vacation.

Coming back, the car was in the same (quite poor) shape as when we got it. Now the inspector was much more interested in us. In fact, he said he found a new damage on the front, below the bumper. We couldn’t see it, although laying us on the floor. He said, that he “could feel it”. We asked him to point it out, which he didn’t want to do. We tried to speak to him, he just walked away.

So we went into the managers office, and told them what had happened. They replied that such a small damage would not be charged, and that the reserved money from the credit card would be annulled. Just to be sure, we went back to photograph the car, to have some kind of evidence. The car was now already gone and the inspector said he had sent it off to be cleaned. Our flight was quite soon to depart, so we had to leave, without getting the picture.

Of course, they charged 220 euro for this.

After some mails back and forth, they removed our case, Case "cs 3736". There is still a reference to it at the rental login page, but it's not possible to go to it. Locauto has not answered any e-mails or phone calls since

In our view, we got a severely damaged car, got charged for a damage on the underside of the bumper, that we couldn't see, got lied to by the managers office and scammed by the inspector.

Tip: Do NOT rent a car from Locauto Rent.

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